Kip Island: Expo Axes

The city of Riga, Latvia, held an open competition to expand and reorient their existing convention center.  The new program would add only about 20% more square meters of floor area, limiting the potential impact of new additions.  Our design proposal focused on orienting a visitor to an otherwise haphazard set of buildings by creating clear orthogonal circulation paths.  New conference space would extend outwards from a new centralized lobby.

The orthogonal circulation is further emphasized by mimicking a vernacular usage of wood bracing, amplified as an expression of local scale and texture.  Though abundant glazing is proposed, daylighting is achieved via north facing facades, clerestory windows, and louvered skylights.  To emphasize the centrality of the new lobby, the structural components are on the exterior only, providing a continuous reflective surface inside.


LOCATION: Riga, Latvia PHASES: Competition