Consultant Teams

Leadership + Teamwork

The Architect is the visualizer. In addition, the Architect must consistently maintain adherence to Client needs as the project progresses, to effectively incorporate the entire consultant team.

After initial rounds of concept design, IntuArch analyzes the project to determine the appropriate consultants to collaborate on a project.
Beyond the traditional engineering trades, specialist engineers and designers are necessary to create an intelligent project. Schools require proper sound barriers, hotels require the latest technological capabilities, and retail developments must accommodate proper kitchens. Realizing shortcomings too late in the design of a project can create cost overruns, and adversely affect the project schedule. By allocating the best solutions at the right moments during the design of a project, IntuArch can deliver a building that is efficient in its resources.

IntuArch excels at managing this vast array of potential consultants. Expert opinions are actively sought and incorporated during the design process to create value for our Clients. This orchestration is integral to a project’s success.