Strategic Design


Our first step as Architects is to determine the opportunities for a project. A property owner has an existing circumstance – an empty lot or an under performing building – and it is the job of the Architect to present the solutions for what can be built, expanded, or renovated. Our clients want to know in advance what deliverables are included as components of a rigorous analysis.

Below is an excerpt from a presentation package for what IntuArch refers to as “Concept Design” at a 12,000 square foot site in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The client was eager to maximize the quantity of dwelling units on the lot. Our duty as Architects was to determine the pragmatic placement of such a quantity on a sloped site.

For this particular project, the greatest constraint was determined to be the parking requirement. Each dwelling unit required at least one open parking space. Our design proposal minimized the need for excavation while accommodating an economically efficient organization and structure.

Our “Concept Design Package” is an effective first step in our client relationships, and incorporates much of the information typically obtained later in Schematic Design.




• Existing Condition of Site/Building
• Adjacent Structures
• Sectional Qualities
• Neighborhood and Landmark Analysis

Code Analysis
• Zoning Code Constrictions
• Zoning Code Opportunities
• Pertinent Building Code

Design Generation
• Critical Constraints Strategy
• Design Organization and Optimization
• Budget Considerations
• Precedent Studies

Design Scheme(s)
• 3-Dimensional Massing Model
• Floor Plans
• Important Section Drawings
• Unit Layouts (for Multifamily)
• Program Spreadsheet
• Renderings (Optional)
• Cost Analysis