Schuylkill Bloemenmarkt

Schuylkill Bloemenmarkt [Dutch: Hidden River Flower Market] seamlessly activates a barren riverfront zone into a year-round destination for visitors, city dwellers, and nearby residents, by integrating unique programming around improved urban travel patterns. A landscaped park and sculpture garden connects a lower elevation riverfront promenade with the urban fabric of the city. The landscaping is activated by outdoor art, seasonal gardens, greenhouses, retail stores, cafes, and a wholesale flower market.

Apartments are designed as year-round greenhouses, where three vertical streets provide circulation and outdoor patio spaces for residents. Ecological operations include: a river heat exchanger; gray-water recycling, irrigation, and storage; and an operable glass skin for seasonal variations.


In Collaboration with SiAe Sung

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CLIENT: Research PHASES: Studio Project