AIA SPP PopUp Competition

A Sense of Place. . . Is Context

IntuArch won first prize in the competition to provide an installation on the theme “Sense of Place” at the 2016 AIA Convention. A modified version of the winning entry will be constructed and featured at the AIA Town Hall at the Convention.

Architects typically envision how their designs would fit within the context of a given site. Frequently, we create diagrams with abundant arrows to indicate how a design fits into the existing and proposed circulation network. But, this can be a very abstract exercise. Do we pause to imagine what it’s like to experience the environment incrementally, as part of the user experience? “A Sense of Place. . . Is Context” proposes we view the surrounding environment of a site cinematically, analyzing where we’ve come from and where we are going. Once sitting inside of the installation, a convention attendee would view the surrounding environment through oversized “prop” arrows in single frame views to determine whether destinations are inviting or discouraging to a potential user.

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CLIENT: American Institute of Architects (AIA) PHASES: Competition, Construction