Beverly Hills Creative Office

Adjacent to an under construction high-end condominium project by the internationally famous architect Ma Yansong, our client wanted to envision the potential of their property for creative office space.  The site is narrow and mid-block, exposed along Wilshire Boulevard for only 80 feet.  We designed an exaggerated depth for the building by establishing an exposed column framework fronting the Boulevard.  Semi-modular programmatic components are inserted into the framework to animate the building and allow a viewer to have multiple inferences, while still uniting the design cohesively. Taking advantage of the climate, the design features ample amounts of terrace space, architectural shading, and integrated planters for drought tolerant plants. The ground floor would have retail, and parking would be underground.


[ Ma Yansong of MAD Architects is the designer of the new Lucas Museum in Exposition Park.  The neighboring condominium building at 8600 Wilshire Boulevard is designed to mimic the “Beverly Hills Hedge” – typical of many homes – as a facade element for the first 2-3 stores.  Individual housing units are exposed above on the 4-5 floors, arranged like a village. ]

LOCATION: Beverly Hills, CA CLIENT: Newcastle & Associates PHASES: Concept Design