That which can be prescribed for intuition, must be conceived by intuition

It has come to my recent attention, as a practicing professional, that too often decisions are made by statistics, science, zoning, and illogic.  A marketing professional told my design team that he has been contracted to sell a slew of condominiums with master bedrooms having a 9’-6” width in one direction.  Well, the developer believed that creating a high ceiling would distract you from not being able to ambulate around a bed.  The marketing professional called it a “tunnel,” and would “stage” the apartment with custom furniture, carving out every last ¼ inch.


What I find most interesting about this example is not the odd proportion, or how during the meeting between the architect and developer, this was given a green light. No, that is odd. But more to the ideas of intuition, how many prospective buyers will notice?  For how many will this be beyond their expectations of “compromise” or “sacrifice?”  Perhaps 20% of all buyers will stare out the window, and when they look up to admire the high ceiling, they will figure they can make it work.  I think the other 80% of prospective buyers will look up to admire the ceiling, and bang their knee into the purpose made bed.

This episode proves the new mantra for designing for intuitive comfort.  You cannot force comfort.  If you want someone to be comfortable, consider their movement.  That which can be prescribed for intuition, must be conceived by intuition.


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